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Nurturing the Soul: Yoga, Nidra and Sound Healing

Day Retreat
(with Tash Sekar & Anna Beith)

Monday 27th May 2024


Well House Yoga Space (Harrogate)

Price: £90

Early bird: £80 (limited availability)

Book with a friend: £140 (£70 each)

Please get in contact if booking with a friend :)

Yoga Retreat

What’s included?


Healing Yoga Sequences


Self-massage with organic Jojoba & Ylang Ylang Oil

Calming Live Piano with Restorative Yoga

Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Yoga Nidra

Ayurvedic Inspired Home-cooked Lunch

Herbal Teas

Deep Relaxation

Optional Journaling and time outdoors in nature

Goody bag with calming toolbox

Dewy Flowers

How would you feel if you had a day of introspection, relaxation, nature-based wisdom and self-care booked in for the start of the Summer? Book now and in 6 weeks be greeted with yoga, sound healing, nurturing social connection, deep rest and nature time. Carve out the time now. Make self-care a priority and get it in your diary.


You are invited to this day dedicated to deep rest, processing grief and cultivating gentleness within yourself. Our intention is to offer a space for those seeking to reconnect with their essence and find harmony amidst life's whirlwind and ever-changing landscapes.


Grief has no guidebook—no straight line to follow. It doesn’t always have to be connected to bereavement either. It's the soul's way of mourning a person, place, or time in the past, coming in unpredictable waves. One moment you're feeling low, the next you're laughing, then numb. In the midst of this process, it's essential to give yourself permission to feel and heal.


Through gentle sequences, restorative yoga, self-massage and sound healing, you’ll have the opportunity to land back into your body, experience deep rest and emotional healing.  Both Tash and Anna understand the complexities of grief and loss, creating a compassionate space where you can honour your journey and open yourself to new possibilities.



What’s involved?


Nature Time: A space for you to be by yourself any time you need to during the day in the natural beauty surrounding our retreat space. Take some mindful breaths in the beautiful garden whilst making yourself a cup of tea.


Healing Yoga Sequences: We will start by delving into a series of nurturing yoga sequences designed to awaken your body's innate wisdom and promote presence. You will be encouraged to move in a way that suits your body’s needs on that particular day – making each movement invitational and optional. We will then move into the transformative power of the breath as we engage in mindful pranayama’s (breathing practices) to calm the mind and cultivate a greater sense of awareness.  


Self-massage with Organic Jojoba & Ylang Ylang Oil: Tash will then guide you into an Abhyanga (ayurvedic self-massage). A luxurious self-care ritual as you pamper your body with organic jojoba and ylang-ylang oil, leaving your skin soft and your body more relaxed.


Calming Live Piano with Restorative Yoga: Surrender to the soothing melodies of live piano music as you sink into a state of deep relaxation during restorative yoga practice. Allow the gentle, contemplative sounds of the piano to be your companion and your guide through your restorative yoga journey, holding you in harmony as you begin to connect with a sense of peace. 


Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Yoga Nidra: Experience the healing vibrations of Crystal Tones crystal alchemy singing bowls during a transformative Yoga Nidra session. Allow yourself to be carried away on waves of sound, as these sacred instruments work their magic to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit. Let go of tension, worries, and distractions as you surrender to the present moment and embrace the bliss of simply being.


Ayurvedic Inspired Home-cooked Lunch: Nourish your body with a delicious and wholesome Ayurvedic-inspired lunch, lovingly prepared with locally sourced, organic ingredients.


Optional Journaling: Reflect on your journey and insights gained throughout the day through optional journaling sessions. Capture your thoughts, emotions, and intentions as you deepen your understanding of yourself and your path forward.


Join us for a day of soulful exploration and rejuvenation as we embark on a journey to nurture the soul and hold a gentle space for yourself. When we begin the retreat we will give you space to feel into what your intentions are for this journey.

Note: Neither of your facilitators are trained counselors or therapists but we will offer a held space where your whole self is welcome. We encourage you to come with an open mind and heart.





Sound baths are generally very safe, however they are not recommended for those who:


  • are in the early stages of pregnancy (first trimester)

  • have an acute mental health condition, particularly involving psychosis

  • experience sound-induced epilepsy 


Caution is also recommended for those with a pacemaker and for any other conditions involving sound sensitivity. 


For anyone who is unsure if this session is suitable for them please contact Anna who will be able to offer guidance.

Who is Tash?


Who is Anna?


Tash is Yoga and Meditation teacher with 7 years of experience, specialising in restful practices for mental health. With a background rooted in South-Indian and Indonesian cultures, she offers classes blending Hatha, Restorative, Yin, and Healing Yoga & Meditation. Having overcome personal challenges through these practices, Tash aims to create nurturing environments for others to find peace and healing. Her classes are gentle, meditative, and infused with humour, providing space for self-care and growth.

Anna is a multifaceted practitioner, blending sound healing, yoga, and coaching. With a background in classical music, she utilises various instruments, including crystal alchemy singing bowls and Tibetan bowls, to create immersive sound experiences. Through her offerings, Anna aims to facilitate deep relaxation, inner reflection, and connection. Her coaching background ensures inclusive and supportive spaces, inviting individuals to embrace themselves fully.

What to bring:


  • comfortable and warm clothing. Regardless of the weather, the body cools when lying close to the ground for a long period of time. Thick socks are a lovely addition, along with anything else that makes you feel snug and cocooned! Yoga mats, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows are provided but please bring anything else that you know you like to have with you to help you feel cosy and safe.


  • anything additional to keep you company on your retreat journey, e.g. crystals, a journal and pen for taking part in any of the optional journalling activities during the day, any meaningful objects that you might like to have with you that relate to your own personal intention for the day.


  • foods that you know ground you for after the session, particularly if you are driving home after the sound bath. Tea, chocolate and water will be available but you may like to bring food such as nuts, or any other earthy foods.

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