Valentine's Day Self-love Retreat

Saturday 13th Feb

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, the focus is often about romance with a significant other. The unfiltered reality is that someone else or external romantic events are never going to fill any long-lasting happiness or self-acceptance gap but self-love WILL  and IS sustainable. I truly believe that growing a sense of self-compassion and developing a loving relationship with yourself is perhaps the most important gift you can give to you - and certainly long lasting. It’s one of those things that’s easy to say and hard to do right?


Well, I am here to guide you through a nourishing self-love retreat online on the 13th Feb! Open to all genders and ages because we all need to cultivate more love for ourselves :-) This 2-hour workshop will include:


  • A Somatic Yoga class centred around the heart 

  • Guided journalling focused on cultivating self-compassion (prompts will be provided)

  • Soothing self-massage 

  • A Relaxing Yoga Nidra to finish

  • A FREE 'Yoga Nidra for Sleep' recorded audio so you can listen whenever you like


£20 one-off purchase

£10 for everybody with an active monthly membership for my online classes (please message/email me  and I will let you know the discount code to use when purchasing)

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