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Yoga and Journaling for Self-Compassion: Cultivating a Positive Inner Voice 

Online via Zoom
Sunday 23rd April | 6:00-7:00pm
Free for all online memberships

Join me for a special workshop that combines the healing practices of yoga and journaling to help you cultivate a more positive and compassionate inner voice. 


Through gentle yoga postures and guided meditations, we will connect with our bodies and breath, and invite in feelings of self-love and kindness. We will then explore these themes further through journaling prompts and writing exercises designed to help us shift our mindset and develop a more supportive relationship with ourselves.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn tools and techniques for cultivating self-compassion and a positive inner voice

  • Explore the connection between body and mind through gentle yoga postures and guided meditations

  • Use writing exercises and journaling prompts to reflect on your thoughts and emotions and shift limiting beliefs


No prior yoga or journaling experience is necessary. This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in exploring their inner world and cultivating more self-love and compassion. Please bring a journal and pen, as well as any props you may need for your yoga practice (such as a yoga mat, blocks, or blankets).


Come join me for an uplifting and transformative experience!

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