Summer restorative Yoga Retreat

Sunday 11th July 2021


Overwhelmed with Lockdown Lifting?

The world is slightly...chaotic right now, right?


If you are feeling overwhelmed with lockdown lifting (or just the general state of the world right now), you are not alone. A good Restorative Yoga clas may be just what you need.


Restorative Yoga can help you:

  1. Improve sleep

  2. Process and make room for emotions

  3. Strengthen your body in a gentle way

Want to know more? I've got you!

Join me for 1.5 hours of delicious Restorative Yoga targetting all the various parts of the body that are prone to accumulating tension and tigethness due to stress and lack of movement. We will end with a meditation specifically curated to cultivating gentleness and self-love using Tara Brach's RAIN self-compassion technique.


£25 for non-members

£20 for members with an active monthly pass (please message me and I will send you the discount code)


All levels welcome

You will need a mat, cushions and a blanket for your retreat. Furry freinds welcome.