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In-Studio Yoga

I teach weekly classes in Leeds (England) and have a variety of classes from flow to more relaxing, so you can attend the class to support you best :) 

In-Studio Yoga Classes
Classes & Workshops: Classes

Yoga Kula, Chapel Allerton 

Wednesday & Thursday

Hatha & Restorative

(6:40 & 5:00pm)

Hatha Yoga is a slower paced practice designed to stretch and strengthen the body in a gentle way. There is always time dedicated to relaxation at the end of the session.


Yoga Kula, Chapel Allerton 


Healing Yoga


In this session we explore healing yoga sequences designed to strengthen our sense of connection, courage and self assurance. We explore ways of regulating our nervous system to bring our physiology out of the fear response, which can fuel our instinct to freeze, stay small and stuck. We end by making space for deep rest through restorative yoga postures that promote stillness and deep rest.


Yoga Kula, Victoria Quarter 


Candlelit Restore & Relax 


Join Tash for this weekly relaxation ritual, releasing tensions stored in the body, mind and spirit in order to move toward complete santosha (contentment) with where you are.


Yoga Kula, Victoria Qauter


Slow Flow & Deep Healing


A grounding Slow Flow & Deep Healing Restorative Yoga. The perfect class to build balance and flexibility while also finding moments of blissful relaxation and rest.

I also have special classes, events and day retreats happening every month
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