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In-Studio Yoga

When you join my class, I will address your strengths and needs individually and lead you in the right direction to reach your goals whatever they may be. Take a minute to look at my weekly schedule and book a class today.

In-Studio Yoga Classes
Circle Vector Art
Circle Vector art
Tash Sekar Online Yoga & Meditaion Teacher

Yoga Kula (Leeds)


Hatha & Restorative ~ 6:40-7:40pm



Fireside Healing Yoga ~ 5-6pm

Hatha & Restorative: 

Hatha Yoga is a slower paced practice designed to stretch and strengthen the body in a gentle way. We work with a range of health boosting postures so each class is a little different. Your teacher guides you through a selection of yoga postures offering suggestions to deepen and refine the shapes in a way that feels good for your body.
You are encouraged to focus on the breath and mindful movement throughout the session to bring about awareness and begin to experience a feeling of inner calm.
There is always time dedicated to relaxation at the end of the session. This class is perfect for those newer to yoga as well as those wanting to refine an existing practice or enjoy a working with a practice which is a slower pace


This class will include some deeply relaxing restorative poses to release stress and tension. 

Fireside Healing Yoga:

Join us in our cosy studio for this healing Fireside Yoga session.

We live in a beautiful yet complicated world and sometimes we need to slow down, relax and to really take care of ourselves. For both our mental and physical well being it is vital we create space for ourselves to relax and unwind on a regular basis. When we slow down, we soften, we relax, we let go and are able to experience the benefits of introspection.

In this session we explore healing yoga sequences designed to strengthen our sense of connection, courage and self assurance. We explore ways of regulating our nervous system to bring our physiology out of the fear response, which can fuel our instinct to freeze, stay small and stuck. We end by making space for deep rest through restorative yoga postures that promote stillness, deep rest and facilitate healing.

A gently rejuvenating and nourishing class.

Classes & Workshops: Classes

We Are Wellness (Leeds)


Creative Flow ~ 9:30-10:30am

Creative Flow:

A class that is based around a traditional vinyasa flow with more meditative, soothing, and relaxing elements. This flow will allow you to stretch, release, and relax your body in a safe space whilst challenging your strength and flexibility in a fun and light-hearted environment. The class is set at a beginners to moderate pace, with a variety of postures to challenge you, as well as incorporating classic asanas. Starting with a meditative grounding practise, flowing into a steady stream of movement, and ending in restful and restorative asanas; you will leave feeling more connected and centred for the week ahead. 

Suitable for all levels, beginners very welcome! 

Tash Sekar Online Yoga & Meditaion Teacher
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