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Online Yoga Membership

Online Yoga & Meditation  Care Package

Heal, relax and have fun online! 

Sliding Scale Online Membership
I have a three-tier memebership available. I invite you to select a tier that is financially sustainable for you



(£9.99 for your first trial month)

  • Gain access to my  weekly 4x live Zoom Yoga & Meditation classes

  • Access to a Video Library of all previous sessions featuring 60+ classes

  • A Special Class each month themed around various relaxation and self-compassion practices

  • Discounts + Priority access to my online workshops/events 

Please remember to book the classes you wish to attend below after purchasing the subscription.

The subscription shall renew after 30 days and you can cancel your membership 14 days after you initial payment. 



Gain access to my Zoom Yoga class for the day 

Please purchase on the day and remember to book the class you wish to attend below. 

Over the last few years, I have noticed some common barriers to a regular Yoga & Meditation practice:

  • Where to begin? ​

  • Who do I trust to guide me? ​

  • Will I have enough time? ​

  • Will it cost too much? ​

  • Am I ready?

The truth is everybody feels like this. Our minds are conditioned to keep analysing and evaluating all potential worst-case scenarios. And of course, this is the case. Just look at the overload of information that we are fed daily through the news, social media, and advertising. It’s no wonder we’re left feeling disconnected and traumatised. But you have somehow landed on my page. And I am here to help you heal and connect back to your true self through a regular Yoga & Meditation practice.

Online Yoga Membership

 I Am Your Teacher If

  • You would like to practice Yoga that goes beyond physical asana/postures

  • You want to explore + understand your body, thoughts, and emotions better

  • You want to cultivate more compassion in the way you relate to yourself and the world around you

  • You would like the option of attending live classes and access to a video library so you can practice when suits you best

  • You would like to explore Meditation in greater depth

  • You value consistent and quality online classes in light-hearted and friendly environment

 I Am Not Your Teacher If  

  • You want to practice Yoga solely focused on achieving physical asana

  • You don’t like exploring your mental health

  • You like fast-paced classes with minimum time to rest and reflect

  • You want quick results when it comes to achieving mental and physical wellbeing

  • You aren’t interested in exploring Meditation

Weekly Self-Care Schedule

Online Yoga Teacher

Monday Evening Wind-Down


A great class to unwind the weight of a Monday.  I will guide you through a soothing yoga sequence with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper breathing techniques. A great way to discover the many benefits of yoga practice. The class centres around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of levels from beginner to advanced.


Friday Lunchtime Gentle Yoga 


This lunchtime class is a short and soothing session designed to help you relax and rejuvenate during your lunch break. We will focus on gentle yoga poses, mindful breathing, and relaxation techniques. It's a perfect opportunity to stretch your body, release tension, and calm your mind, leaving you refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Enjoy a peaceful midday break.

Online Yoga Teacher

Thursday Restorative & Meditation


Yoga would not be complete without restorative postures and meditation. Explore the stillness of restorative yoga poses ending with a guided meditation. This class is the perfect mid-week relaxation to re-set our nervous systems. All you need is 40 mins!

Online Yoga Teacher

Saturday Morning Wake-Up


This is your energising session to build strength and flexibility through dynamic sequencing. These flows heat the body and ignite the inner fire to get you flowing into your day. I also balance this out with some nourishing and grounding movement patterns to relax you into the weekend. 

Live Schedule

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