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Earth Day Tribute
- cultivating gratitude for our planet -
Monday 22nd March
Online (free for members)

Hands in the Soil

Join Tash for a transformative Earth Day yoga experience, a celebration of our profound connection with the natural world. In this special class, I invite you to immerse yourself in sequences infused with the spirit of the Earth, drawing inspiration from its boundless beauty and intricate ecosystems.

As we flow through each pose, we will pause to reflect on the interdependence of all beings, fostering a sense of gratitude for the planet that sustains us. Together, we will weave a tapestry of movement and mindfulness, honouring the resilience and nurturing essence of Mother Earth.

Through grounding poses, gentle stretches and a contemplation style of meditation, we will deepen our connection to the Earth beneath us, allowing its energy to flow through us and renew our spirits.

Let's come together to honour Earth Day with intention, embracing the beauty of our surroundings and cultivating a sense of harmony and balance within ourselves and our beautiful planet. 

Free for online members

£8.99 for non-members 

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