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Hello, I'm Tash

I help intuitive souls, like you, to heal your relationship with yourself through the teachings of Yoga & Meditation.

Tash Sekar Online Yoga & Meditation Teacher

It All Started With a Little Breakdown

Well sort of! Seven years ago, a profound realisation struck me – life was slipping through my fingers at an alarming pace, and I found myself merely a passenger on the journey, grappling with exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. I had unwittingly buried the scars of my childhood, having grown up in a household entrenched in addiction, and as a result, I felt utterly detached from my own mind and body. Neglecting self-care, I reached a point where I not only felt physically unwell but also harboured a deep dislike for the person I had become. It was clear: I needed a transformative change.

​Yoga was the only time I was able to pause and come back into my body. It provided me a space to connect to myself and understand my thoughts and emotions better and over time helped me heal my low self-confidence and self-doubt. This along with many, MANY hours spent in therapy.

Tash Sekar Online Yoga & Meditation Teacher

So, I am here to provide a space to help you do the same. I'm not going to promise you life-long bliss - because life is more complex than that. However, I can promise you a kind, inclusive and gentle space where you can move your body and explore your mind. 

My goal is to teach you how to relax and  cultivate a more compassionate relationship with yourself so you can spend less time worrying and more time on things that matter to you.

​My classes are light-hearted, gentle, and strengthening with a large focus on mental health and cultivating connection with your inner world. I teach a range of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative & Yin and incorporate elements of all in my classes. I also teach a wide range of meditation practices including breath, mantra, loving-kindness, contemplation, Zen and many more. 

In order to make yoga/meditation as affordable and accessible as possible, I offer a sliding scale price membership for my online studio. 

Tash Sekar Online Yoga & Meditation Teacher
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