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30 Unconventional lessons I've learned in my 30 years of being alive

WARNING: the following blog contains strong language, sexual references and a lot of brutal(ish) honesty which you may find offensive

1. Your quest to find the perfect lip balm will never end - and when you finally find one that is suitable for 1st place - you will end up losing it before it finishes - FACT!

2. It's not really about the amount of friends you have - but the quality of those friendships that really count

3. Stop doing a job you hate because it's just a routine/easy/will look good on your CV/feel too busy to apply for other jobs/blah blah blah...

4. Nobody is perfect - if you are looking for a perfect partner - try being a great partner instead

5. Being a good listener is a highly rare and valuable skill - practice really listening without planning your response

6. Don't be shy to say you are on your period. In fact, don't be shy to even say the word 'period'. PERIODS, PERIODS, PERIODS!

7. Whilst we are on that subject, tampons and sanitary towels will cost you more than you think they will. Are they still charging us for this sh*t?!

8. Find a hobby you enjoy doing - better yet find a couple of hobbies. Look for ways you can really just be with yourself

9. You learn so much about yourself when you spend time alone - do this regularly

10. Invest in good skincare that makes your skin feel good – and that might mean trying out a variety of brands and being patient with the results without jumping on the new-trend bandwagon

11. Don’t be ashamed to say you own a sex toy/enjoy sex/enjoy masturbating. We are all human and we all do it (unless of course you are asexual, in which case big respect to you). It is time we start working together to break down the taboo of talking about sex

12. Whilst we are on that subject, learn how to be good in bed with your partner (and yes that might mean asking!). We are all different and enjoy different things. And no, it's not embarrassing. Trust me your partner will appreciate your maturity and willingness to please!

13. Learn how to work with your breath – if you can learn how to breathe properly you can learn how to be calm in every situation that you find yourself in

14. Give yourself/get a pedicure regularly and look after your feet – they hold you up for your whole life and deserve some TLC

15. Apple Cider vinegar cures almost everything?!

16. Learn how to cook with fresh food – this is the single most important thing you can do to look after your body

17. Just when you think you have eaten too many vegetables - eat another one

18. Move your body – dance, run, walk, climb, do yoga. Just get that bloody butt moving!

19. Throw away your weighing scales - your weight is irrelevant

20. Eat that second piece of cake

21. Ok, f*ck it eat the third one too!

22. Try to worry less about all the things that go wrong and focus more on the things that could go right

23. You can be the world's sweetest and juiciest peach - but there will still be somebody that does not like peaches

24. Sharing a life with a pet is a fulfilling yet life-long learning experience - take time to invest in your relationship emotionally, physically and financially

25. Yes, you can go to a therapist without feeling like a crazy person - no one is judging you but yourself!

26. If somebody reacts badly to something – know that it has absolutely nothing to do with you

27. Be open-minded and judge people less

28. Cry as much as you like. Cry with your friends, your family, by yourself – it’s okay to cry and does not mean you are weak

29. No matter how much time you think you have - there will still NEVER be enough hours in the day to nap and/or relax (hello adult life, I see you!)

30. Take a deep breath and chill out. You are doing great. Enjoy your life and stay true to yourself!

P.S. Thank you to everybody I know for sticking with me and teaching me all these valuable lessons. We are all in this life together and we've got this :-)

Tash x

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