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The 5 Types of Rest You Need

Following on from my lasty post - here are the types of rest you need for your physical and mental health and some practical examples of how to rest.


Spend a day at home

Get some sleep - sleep in or go to bed an hour earlier

Minimise high-intensity exercises and try slower practices like Restorative Yoga/Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra to help reset your nervous system


Take short breaks throughout the day. Set a timer to remind yourself to step away and take a few deep breaths.

Create some space in your brain by writing down your thoughts on a notepad or in a journal.

Give yourself extra time to disconnect. Put your devices away an hour before bed and allow an extra day or two at the start or end of a vacation to decompress.


Get out into nature. Take a walk through a park, along the beach, or go for a hike.

Do something just for fun. What would you make if you didn’t have to sell or share it?

Immerse yourself in other people’s creativity. Visit a museum or get together with friends who inspire you.


Say no. If you’re feeling depleted, turn down an invitation or two and recharge at home.

Change up your hangouts. If you usually go out for dinner and drinks, try meeting up for a workout class or paint-and-sip.

Don’t multitask when you’re spending time with friends. Leave your device in your pocket or limit the size of the group you’re hanging out with.


Take a moment to process before saying ‘yes’ to plans. Give yourself space to consider what you can handle by asking for time to consider requests before you agree to them.

Share how you are feeling in a safe space. Speak to a trusted friend or a professional or just write your thoughts down.

Develop the ability to sit with challenging emotions by practicing mindfulness and understand that this too shall pass. You will not feel like this forever and it’s ok to spend a day under the blanket, ordering takeaway and binging on Netflix.

Rest is best! Give yourself the time today to rest in some way. Which one will you pick?

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