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🎃 Cosy Evening Yin For Autumnal Vibes 🎃

Turn a dark, cold Autumn evening into a beautiful celebration of warmth, cosiness and calm with this restful 30 minute yin yoga sequence.

This sequence is perfect for the end of a busy day when you feel tired, low energy or you just want to unwind. Each pose is held for just a few minutes at a time so there’s nothing difficult or intense, just beautifully gentle yin poses that will help you to slow down, listen in, rest and relax.

When I’m practicing this sequence I like to spend a few minutes creating the cosiest atmosphere possible. I’ll light plenty of candles to create a warm, soft glow and I’ll play some relaxing music. I’ll keep a fleece blanket close by in case I get cold and I’ll wear my comfiest clothes and fluffiest socks. If I want to get super seasonal, I'll make sure I have a warm stew or curry warmed up for after the practice.

I hope you enjoy slowing down and taking 30 minutes out just for you with this beautiful yin yoga practice.

1. Constructive Rest Pose - 3 minutes {see below}

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor mat width apart. Let your knees rest in on one another so you can completely relax your legs and hips. Turn your palms to face up and relax your shoulders.

Use your 3 minutes in this pose to start shift away from the busyness of your day. Breathe deeply and turn your attention inward. Pay attention to just how you’re feeling in this moment (without any judgement).

How are you feeling?

Are there any sensations in the body?

Are there places of tension/unease?

Are there places of freedom/relaxation?

How are you feeling emotionally?

2. Knees Into Chest - 3 minutes

Hug your knees in to your chest. Keep your head and shoulders relaxed down on the floor. You can also rock gently side to side here.

You can also circle the knees here keeping them together or circling them away from each other.

3. Supine Figure of 4 Twist - 4 minutes each side

Hug your right knee into your chest. Bring the right ankle to rest on the left thigh. Relax the right knee away from your torso. Keeping the legs in this position, allow both legs to drop over to the left and rest the right foot on the floor. You can bring your arms out or grab your right ankle with your left hand. Rest here, breathing slowly.

4. Half Butterfly - 4 minutes each side

Extend your right leg straight out along the mat. Bend your left knee bringing the sole of your left foot to your right inner thigh as your knee drops open to the floor on your left. Slowly fold forward over your straight right leg, rest your hands on the floor, relax your shoulders, let your back round and your head drop towards your shin. Keep your right foot relaxed.

5. Legs Up The Wall - 4 minutes

Swing your legs up the wall lying down on your back. Shoulder shuffle in until your legs are resting straight up the wall. Rest your arms up overhead or either side of your body.

6. Savasana - 4 minutes or as long as you like

Lie on your back with your feet as wide as your mat and your arms along side you palms facing up. if lying on your back doesn't feel comfortable, lie on your side or on your front instead. Let yourself relax and rest here.

Please let me know if you have tried this sequence whether or not you liked it :-)

Take good care, Tash x

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