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Yin Yoga to Ease Back Pain

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Yin yoga is a wonderful practice for releasing deep held tension in the body and mind. In the slow, held poses we are encouraged to soften the muscles as much as possible so we can access the deeper connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia. Paired with the mindfulness meditation to calm the mind it can aid the healing process immensely.

Here are some Yin Yoga poses you can try our for yourself to help ease back pain and tension. Coherent breathing as much as you can the whole way through: this is breathing in for 6 and out for 6. This is the most healing breath pattern and has been scientifically shown to reset the whole body for 24 hours when you do it for 20 minutes. Hold each posture for the recommended time shown.

1. Constructive Rest Pose {5 minutes}

Bend the knees and plant the feet on the earth.

2. Knee to chest Pose (hug knee into chest) {2 minutes}

3. Supine Twist {2 minutes}

4. Eye of the Needle {2 minutes}

Bring the outer edge of the foot to opposite knee.

5. Supine Shoelace {2 minutes}

Cross knees and draw into chest.

6. Sphinx Pose {3 minutes}

Bring the elbows under shoulders and lift the chest.

7. Legs Up in Air/Wall {10 minutes}

Option to use a cushion to elevate the back to intensify the stretch

8. Supported Bridge {5 minutes}

Use a cushion/block/bolster pillow to elevate the lower back.

Other recommendations to ease back pain:

  • Take an epsom salt/magnesium bath

  • Take regular stretch breaks if you work from a desk

  • Cat/Cow Stretch

See my other post on Yoga To Relieve Lower Back Pain for more stretches you can try :-)

Tash x

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