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Yoga for Hands & Wrists

Hi folks,

I hope you are well. I have been thinking about you all as the situation with regards to covid-19 develops. Circumstances such as this can cause us to feel rather unsettled and it is now more than ever we can use grounding practises such as Yoga and meditation to help us cultivate more calm amongst the chaos.

With more and more of us more choosing to self-isolate or work from home, our access to yoga classes may be limited (subscribe to my YouTube channel to check out my free Yoga classes). This can mean more time hunched over a laptop/computer and can put strain on our lovely hands and wrists. Give them a bit of TLC and spend 5-10 minutes stretching them out using these simple yoga techniques below:

1. Palm Rotations

Extend arms out in front of you

Inhale rotate the palms up - palms facing up to the sky

Exhale to rotate the palms down - palms facing down

Repeat for 5 cycles of breath

2. Wrist Flexion & Extension

Extend arms out in front of you

Inhale to push palms away - fingertips extending up to the sky

Exhale to bow hands down - fingertips drop towards the ground

Repeat for 5 cycles of breath

3. Free Wrist Rotations

Make a fist with both hands

Start rotating the wrists in one direction - remembering to move slowly and breathe

Change the direction of the rotation when feels right for you

4. Finger & Palm Stretch

Make a fist with both hands

Extend one finger out at a time pausing in between each finger to check your hands are relaxed (try to minimise gripping of the fingers into palms)

Reverse the action and re-bend each finger back into palms

Repeat for 5 cycles

5. Circle of Joy

Come to seated

Inhale interlace fingers in front of chest

Exhale to push palms away and allow spine to round, chin can drop towards chest

Inhale extend arms over head keeping the fingers interlaced

Exhale to release the palms and allow shoulders to glide down the back

Please do let me know how you get on if you try the stretches out. Look after yourslves and hopefully see you all soon :-)

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