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Summer Solstice: Radiate Your Inner Light 

Saturday 22nd June (11:00-12:15pm - ONLINE)

Saturday 22nd June (3:30-4:45pm - YOGA KULA VQ)


The summer solstice, also known as Midsummer or Litha, is a powerful time of the year when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and the day is longest. Join Tash in this very special pop-up where we will gather to honour this powerful moment and harness its transformative energy. 


This ritualistic yoga class combines a soothing yoga flow, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and intention-setting to create a sacred space for growth, abundance, and joy.


We will begin with a series of Sun Salutations, synchronising our breath with each movement, paying homage to the sun's radiant energy. Through heart-opening poses, we will invite expansion and abundance into our lives, awakening the energy of the heart centre and fostering a deep sense of connection.


As we flow through the sequence, we will mindfully cultivate gratitude for the sun's blessings and the abundance in our lives. Ending with a guided meditation and reflection, we will set intentions for the summer season, envisioning the growth and transformation we wish to manifest.


Throughout the class, we will create a sacred space adorned with elements that symbolise the sun's energy, such as golden flowers, candles, and cards. The atmosphere will be infused with warmth, joy, and a sense of celebration.


Suitable for all levels. Bring nothing but your beautiful selves (wear something yellow/orange if you wish).




An uplifting and grounding Yoga flow 

Heart-opening Yin postures 

Soothing breath-work 

Gratitude themed meditation 

Intention-Setting Ritual 

Aromatherapy (in studio)

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