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Self-Love Valetine's Day Retreat

Monday 12th February 

YoGology, Wakefield (Leeds)

Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day is often viewed as a chance to express affection for others, but we sometimes forget the importance of extending that love to ourselves. This year, consider being your own Valentine and gifting yourself the invaluable treasures of peace, reflection, and self-awareness. Investing in self-love goes beyond the immediate gratification of focusing on another person; it offers enduring benefits that can profoundly enhance your well-being. In this special event, our focus will be on cultivating self-love through various soul-nourishing practices.


We will start by massaging our bodies with organic jojoba oil to ease tension out of the parts of the bodies that tend to be stiff - head, neck, shoulders and lower back. The heart of the practice will be an exploration of the Anahata (heart) chakra. We'll embark on a journey into the heart centre, engaging in a series of practices that include gentle yoga stretches, pranayama (breathing) techniques, heart-opening restorative postures, and deep rest and relaxation. Throughout the session, positive affirmations will be seamlessly integrated to nurture a profound sense of worthiness and love. Our practice will end with an expression of love outward and inward through a gentle Loving-Kindness (or ‘Metta Bhavana’) meditation.


Throughout the session you will be encouraged to prioritise yourself, actively listen to your body's needs, and gain a deeper understanding of how these self-care moments can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. As you leave the session, you'll carry with you a sense of openness and lightness in your heart, mind, body, and breath. Suitable for all levels, this session is particularly well-suited for those who appreciate nurturing and soothing yoga practices, and it is pregnancy-friendly. Join Tash in this journey of self-love, where the heart of the practice is based on fostering a sanctuary of acceptance and love for oneself.

Tickets: £25

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