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Embracing the Slow: What I'm Loving This Month (March/ April Edition)

If you know me, you will know I am all about slowing down to appreciate the little things in life! As the days stretch longer and the air warms with the promise of summer, I find myself relishing in the simple joys and embracing a slower pace. Here’s a glimpse into what’s been bringing me delight this month:

1. Doing everything slowly: In a world that often rushes by, I’ve discovered the beauty of taking my time. From savouring my morning tea to enjoying leisurely walks, there’s a certain peace that comes with doing everything at a relaxed pace.

2. Granny Square Crochet: There’s something incredibly soothing about the repetitive motion of crochet needles, especially when creating intricate granny square patterns. It’s become my go-to activity for unwinding after a long day.

3. Browsing Charity/Second-Hand Shops: Not only is second-hand shopping an eco-friendly choice, but it also allows me to uncover unique treasures while supporting charitable causes. It’s a win-win that never fails to excite me.

4. Disciple Skincare: Taking care of my skin has become a form of self-care, and Disciple Skincare’s natural products have been a game-changer for me. Their soothing formulas leave my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I love that it's affordable and it's a nice way of supporting a small business :)

5. Lessons in Chemistry (Book): Dive into the world of science and human connection with "Lessons in Chemistry." This captivating read intertwines chemistry lessons with the protagonist's journey of self-discovery, making it both educational and deeply moving.

6. Late Night with the Devil (Movie): Sometimes, a cozy movie night is all you need to unwind. "Late Night with the Devil" offers the perfect blend of humour, drama, and a touch of the supernatural—a delightful escape from reality.

7. Buying Flowers: Whether it’s a bouquet for myself to brighten up my space or a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one, there’s something magical about the simple beauty of fresh flowers.

8. Sister Jane Dresses: Channeling vintage charm with a modern twist, Sister Jane dresses have become a staple in my wardrobe. Their timeless designs never fail to make me feel elegant and confident.

9. Baking Muffins: The aroma of freshly baked muffins filling the kitchen is simply irresistible. Experimenting with different flavours and ingredients has become a delightful pastime, with the added bonus of enjoying delicious treats afterward. I used to eat a lot of muffins when I eas younger so it has that nostalgic factor too!

As the days unfold, I’m reminded to cherish the little moments and find joy in the everyday. Whether it’s indulging in a favourite hobby or simply taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around me, embracing the slow has truly enriched my life in countless ways.

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