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Reflecting on the Past: End of Year Journal Prompts to Help You Find Closure

I am someone who values introspection, consistently taking moments to pause and assess various aspects of my life. I find joy in acknowledging what's going well, identifying areas that require more attention, and determining actionable steps to support my personal growth. Over the past year, I have delved into the practice of journaling during significant times of the year like the end/beginning of seasons.

In the spirit of fostering reflection on the passing year, I've curated a collection of journal prompts designed to help you conclude this chapter thoughtfully and embrace the upcoming year with a rejuvenated perspective. I encourage you to allocate dedicated time for this introspective journey, creating a cosy ambiance with your favourite beverage, a calming playlist, and the gentle glow of a candle. Indulge in this mindful ritual, savouring the moments of connection with yourself.

Challenges & Wins

1. What were your biggest challenges from the year? What did you learn from them?

2. What were your biggest wins from the year? What did you accomplish? What are you proud of yourself for?


3. What helped you to get through this year? (e.g. routines, boundaries, relationships, resources)

4. What were your favourite books, movies, shows, and songs from the past year?


7. How well did you take care of yourself this year? Did you prioritise exercise, sleep, and nutrition?

8. How will you commit to taking even better care of yourself next year?


9. What kind of boundaries did you set for yourself and others this year? How did you uphold those boundaries? Where did you let them slide?

10. What do you want your boundaries to look like for next year? How will you prioritise them?


11. How did you start and end your days?

12. What do you want your routine to look like for next year? What would be your ideal morning and evening routines?


13. What were your top three priorities this past year? (e.g. work, family, finances, self-care, mental health, etc)

14. What are your top three priorities for next year? Why are they important to you?


15. How satisfied were you with your work this year? What did you enjoy and not enjoy?

16. What changes could you make next year will help you feel fulfilled with your work?


17. What role did your environment play in your life this year? (Think of your living space, community, workspace, nature, etc)

18. Do you want to make any changes to your environment next year? What would your ideal environment look and feel like?


19. What emotions did you experience this past year? Did you allow yourself to feel or talk about them freely?

20. What feelings do you want to embrace for next year? What intentions do you want to set?


21. Did you overthink or overanalyse anything in particular?

22. How can you improve your mindset in the next year? How will you commit to keeping a healthy mindset?


23. Who did you connect with this year? Who made you feel the most supported?

24. Who do you want to connect with next year? What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?

Fun & Hobbies

25. How did you relax and unwind this year? What were your favourite memories? Did you start any new hobbies or nurture old ones?

26. What do you want to explore more of next year? What does fun look like to you?


27. Who are you most grateful for? What are you most grateful for? Write down why you are grateful for these people and things.

28. How can you express your gratitude more next year?

Goals & Growth

29. What are your goals for next year? What do you want to learn or get better at? Think of work, health, finances, relationships, and home. What tools or resources will help you stay on track with your goals?

Want to be guided in your journaling experience?

We will be exploring some of these prompts in my day retreat in London.

Saturday 2nd December


Lost In Yoga, London - Camberwell

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