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Spring Yin + Journaling

A 30-minute Yin + journaling practice to find connection for growth and renewal

Spring has most definitely sprung and when I’m on my dog walks in the mornings, I can almost feel the new energy in the air around me! It’s refreshing and feels light. It’s the energy of growth; I can see the buds forming in the trees, the flowers are starting to bloom and the sun shining on my face.

The energy is infectious, and it gives me the inspiration to grow and change in the same way that I observe in nature. I am sharing this yin yoga practice designed to help you tap into the energy of Spring.

In this practice, we will combine affirmations with Yin yoga poses with a focus on the aspect of growth and renewal that comes with Spring. You can even take time to write down some of your thoughts after each pose. Keeping a record of your thoughts is a safe and personal way to process thoughts and emotions. Giving language to our ideas can help us complete them and make them more concrete.

To help guide the focus of today’s practice, I am providing an affirmation for you to reflect on whilst you hold each pose. As you come out of the pose, you can tale a few moments to record the statement in your journal as well as your thoughts.

Props needed:

· Mat

· Block

· Blanket

· Cushions

· Journal + pen

Breathe and centre {2 minutes}

Let’s begin by coming to a comfortable seated position. Placing hands on the belly, begin to breathe deeply. Releasing some exhales from the mouth to release tension from the body. Spend a few minutes settling into the practice.

Supported bridge {5 minutes}

Lie on your back and slip the block underneath your sacrum (bony part of your pelvis just above the bum). You can bend the legs here or allow the legs to extend.

As you hold the pose contemplate the affirmation: I am a friend to myself

At the end of your time in the pose, remove the block from under your hips and set it aside. Lower your spine and and rest for a few breaths. Take a few moments to record your thoughts regarding this affirmation in your journal.

Reclined shoelace {4 mins each side}

Bend your knees and allow the soles of the feet to come to your mat. Cross your right thigh over your left and draw your knees into your chest. Rest your hands on your kneecaps. You may stay like this or slide your hands to your ankles. The heels are equi-distant from the hips.

As you hold the pose contemplate the affirmation: I trust my inner voice

Unwind from this pose and record your thoughts in your journal.

Repeat on other side.

Eye of the needle twist {4 minutes each side}

Hug your right knee into your chest. Bring the right ankle to rest on the left thigh. Relax the right knee away from your torso. Keeping the legs in this position and allow both legs to drop over to the left and rest the right foot on the floor. You can bring your arms out or grab your right ankle with your left hand. Rest here, breathing and allowing the whole body to become heavy.

As you hold the pose contemplate the affirmation: I am worthy of all the good things that happen to me

Repeat on other side.

Supported fish {5 mins}

Place 1x block behind you on the mat. Recline on your mat with the feet bent so that the

block is at the base of your shoulder blades. Let your heart passively lift up, as your arms relax to the sides open out in a cross. You can relax the head with the back of the head to the floor or on another block. Straighten your legs if comfortable and focus on your breathing for a few minutes focusing your internal gaze to the heart centre. Inhale soothing energy in to the heart and release any tension as you exhale.

Note" you may use a rolled-up blanket or a bolster pillow if that feels more comfortable for your back.

As you hold the pose contemplate the affirmation: Inhale calm, exhale tension

Savasana {2-5 mins}

To finish this practice, spend a few moments lying in corpse pose relaxing and enjoying the sensations in your body. Relax and let go. You can also complete your practice by writing a few final words in your journal. Jot down anything that occurs to you from favourite poses to additional thoughts on the topic of growth and renewal.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this practice and that you find the journaling to be a beneficial addition to your yoga time. Lots of love for the season ahead.

Tash x

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